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The afternoon hours can be tricky as a parent. Our boys want to be out of the house and a lot of the time, I want to be getting things done around the house. They usually win and my favorite place to take them is the beach. They love that I give them the independence to go further away me then I would normally let them because the beach is pretty empty by our house and the land is flat so I can see them from a distance. They play together, pouring sand on one another's head, scheming up what trouble they'll cause later on. Since sand is basically glorified dirt, they are literally knee deep in their favorite thing on the planet and that alone can cheer up the crankiest toddler.

The first set of photos are from one of our afternoons last week. Side note: There were a ton of ladybugs at the beach on this particular day (which the boys of course loved) but I have never noticed that before. Is that normal?

The second set are from our living room the next day, I realized I hadn't really been taking many photos of the boys on my Canon and I wanted to document them now because they are just so damn sweet right now...most of the time. The "photo session" was less than 2 minutes because that's all the time my hands could be off Wolf. Lately I feel like my sole mission in life is preventing him from performing dangerous stunts.


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