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A couple days after Christmas We traveled down the coast to San Diego for a few days to hang with Wayne's parents, siblings and all the nieces and nephews. Sixteen of them in fact. We had a blast spending time with everyone. The group is somewhat scattered across the west so we cherish all these little trips together. I think this is the third time almost all the family has met up in the last 6 months so we are lucky to do this fairly often. Pretty impressive with how many people are in the mix.

The trip was stacked with amusement parks: Sea World, Legoland and what was supposed to be the zoo but we missed that one because of the rain. While I loved the moments we were able to actually enjoy each others company, the parks were a little dicey with an 11-month-old and a 2-year-old. I think I will be waiting a few years before going back to one of those... except for Disneyland of course.

Enough chatter, I made a vlog so that pretty much sums up the trip.

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