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Hello and Welcome! If you don't know me, my name is Alex Sermon. I'm married to D Wayne Sermon and we have two bomb kids, River (2 1/2) and Wolf (almost 1). I previously kept a blog but have wanted to fix it up for years and have finally made the plunge! I was able to design this new site myself and feel it is a better representation of myself. If you are new to my space, here is my past blog that I have been writing off and on since 2013.

I originally created that space as a way to document my travels with my husband and his band Imagine Dragons. The band was recently signed and the momentum and touring schedule really started to pick up. I could tell this was a once in a lifetime thing and I knew I wanted keep a record of it to share with others and hold onto for posterity. I haven't been perfect at documenting to say the least. It is hard to sit down at the end of the night on a moving tour bus and bury your nose in your computer when you just want to hang out with your friends and laugh/cry about the day.

Though I love to photograph, edit and write, I much more enjoy being in the moment and spending time with the people I love. So there are many holes and gaps in that blog. And the posts that I do write may be incomplete because I don't want to have a camera stuck to my face at every moment of the day.

Since the beginning of my blog a lot has happened, the biggest being us becoming parents to the two coolest human beings and with that came a whole other list of excuses as to why I couldn't sit down and write, namely how much I now value my free time!

With that said, it is a new year and I am excited about the prospect of Golden. I hope that this new space will be an artistic expression of me (since my past blog was literally a thrown together blogger template the night before a tour) and as a way to reach out to others. On this new website I hope to post more often, write more about my experiences and lifestyle, try out vlogging, share my photography and maybe even some style posts for kicks and giggles. I have some past photos that I will be back logging and a a couple series from our last European and US tours (before Wolf was even born!)

To catch you up, for about a year, we have been mostly at home in Southern California while the band took a hot second to rest and then immediately dive into writing and recording their third album. If the babes are healthy and willing, myself and the rugrats will be back on a tour bus soon, ready to continue to share our stories. Until then, enjoy flashbacks from the last couple years and our current life at home. Spiel over.

*Photos of the kids by me and the rest were snapped by my awesome sister-in-law Mindy and my brother-in-law Jourdan. during our almost bonfire.

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