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Our family has been hit by two flus in a row (and most recently an ear infection for me) and to say that we are SOOO DONE would be an understatement. But I am happy to say that we are all almost through the worst of it. Now please keep that in mind as you see these red-nosed, glazed-eyed photos of me from the weekend.

This is what I wore to my cousin, Bryn's baby shower. This orange top made me feel cheery even though I was under the weather. Apparently I also felt brave, because this top is silk and I was holding messy babes all day (and didn't stain it!).

I am loving this super light-washed pair of denim for the summer months and I am planning on getting lots of use out of them.

I wish I could have spent more time with everyone at the shower but I wanted to keep my distance as to not spread this damn flu and also because you don't really get to socialize when you bring two toddlers to a party. True story.

Here are some quick iPhone snaps we took outside our house while Wolfie was finishing up his nap and then a literal 30 second photoshoot as we were leaving the party.

^^Threw a selfie in there to show the details. Enter eye roll.

What I'm Wearing

Shoes: Zara (like 6 months old)

Star Choker: Brandy Melville

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