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Wayne left for a work trip to Europe yesterday (and I will be meeting him soon at a very exciting location!) but before he left, we wanted to do something special with the kids all together. We took the boys over to a local farm, Tanaka Farms to take a tractor tour and go strawberry picking. I am not sure what the kids enjoyed more, the bumpy ride or stuffing their faces with as many berries as they could gather. It was a great little outing, Not a ton of people, a perfect length tour for kids under two (fellow parents, you know what I mean) and the tractor stopped every few minutes to pick up other fresh veggies for us all to try (who knew we'd all love raw bok choy?).

I am definitely one who can get stuck in a routine, so I want to be better about trying new things and shaking up our everyday.

Strawberry stains

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