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We didn't bring toys for River on this tour which is kind of a miracle seeing how he is now, always with a car in hand. So he entertained himself by playing with our suitcases and wearing us out. The most terrifying thing about the idea of touring with two kids is the amount of stuff, especially because of River's current car/truck obsession. The amount of times you have to carry your suitcases in and out of venues and hotels is ridiculous. And don't get me started on all the hotels without elevators in Europe and don't EVEN get me started on doing all of that pregnant. It's a beast. Anyway, poor River was either cooped up in the bus or he was crawling around whatever filthy make-shift dressing room made out of the away team's stinky locker room in the current arena. Glamorous, right?! And since he wasn't walking yet, he was quite literally rolling around in the dirt. But we had to make it work. Build up that immune system, right?

Luckily, the hotels were our escape to let him go crazy and for me to not be on my edge of my toes worrying what he was going to pick up. The way the touring schedule usually (but not always) worked was three nights on the bus, one in the hotel. That was our night to reorganize our suitcases, take a hot shower and eat food other than catering (that was the best part of all). Which says how much I hate catering. I can say that I have ordered enough club sandwiches to last me a lifetime.

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