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On this tour, we were able to go to New Orleans which is always one of my favorite cities to travel to. We usually get to eat amazing food and walk the one-of-a-kind town. This trip was no exception. Only problem was the scorching temperature. The South in the summer is no joke!

We started the day with brunch. River did great at the restaurant (which is always a win) and flirted with everyone around our table. We then went for a long walk back to the hotel. I would have persuaded Wayne to walk with me all day but the heat was almost unbearable. We took River back to the hotel for a nap and I was able to sneak away to get my nails done with the girls. Luxuries like that on tour always make you feel human again.

For dinner, the three of us went to a pretty nice restaurant in a super old beautiful building. I could tell people weren't excited when they saw us coming in with a baby but it all worked out.

Late that night before we had bus call we walked to get beignets. Those beignets alone could be the sole reason I would travel to Louisiana again in the summer.

On me:

Shirt: Imogene + Willie (favorite tank)

Jeans: Madewell (an emergency mid-tour purchase when I found out I was pregnant and none of my jeans fit anymore)

Shoes: Adidas

Also, seeing these photos makes me want to grow my hair out...

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