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We always seem to have a good time in Minneapolis and it usually works out that we are there for a few days. Side note: the last time we were here, I was pregnant, and was so hot in my hotel room I tried to turn on the AC, which wasn't working, so it somehow ended up turning on the heat and I woke up with a 100 degree Fahrenheit room.

Anyway, this trip was quick and low key. We were able to go for a long walk and grab some lunch. Back at the hotel, the light was coming through the window so beautifully so I took a few quick photos of River before his nap. Then Daniel and I cuddled up and watched "Working Girl" which was amazing because I love that movie and Wayne had never seen it. Harrison Ford + Melanie Griffith in her whispy-est voice + more shoulder pads than should be legal = PERFECTION.

That night before the show, I took a few photos of Wayne writing in the venue while River crawled around his feet. A tour memory I never want to forget.

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