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The first show of the North American Tour was in Portland, Oregon. I was so excited to go there, not only because I love the city but also because I have a couple friends who live there and connecting with people that have moved away is one of the main perks of this lifestyle. River and I were able to walk around an adorable Portland-ic neighborhood on a drizzly day and then we had dinner that night with my dancer friend Nadia before the show. Perfect way to start the trip.

We slept on the bus that night as we made our way to Canada and woke up the next morning parked at the border crossing. This was my first time doing one of these crossings with a baby. I soon learned that these can be really stressful when you have kids because they are often in the middle of the night and you never know if they are going to make you wake the kids up so they can search the bus. Luckily, this one was at a decent hour. It was beautiful out so we all piled out of the buses to play catch and goof around in our pj's while everything was taken care of.

It's funny to see these pictures from the beginning of tour because I can remember how everyone started with so much zest and verve. As the traveling continues and the frequency of an acceptable showers decreases, it is difficult to remain as bright and positive but we all do the best we can. Tour is kind of like a tame version of the Joseph Conrad novel, "Heart of Darkness," the more the characters travel up the Congo River, the more they lose themselves (if my memory serves me right, I haven't read it in a decade). When you are touring these arenas and waking up on a bus underground almost everyday (some of those days you don't see the sun at all), it can be difficult to keep your wits about you (and maintain your sun-kissed glow). We all do what we have to do to stay sane and for the guys, I'm sure the biggest part of that is doing what they love every night: performing, for me it is getting outside and trying to take in what each city can offer me, even if on some days, I only have a few minutes to play a game of catch in the middle of nowhere at a border crossing.

**iPhone snaps

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