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1. River asked me yesterday, while watching my dad look at his garden with a focused look on his face, "What is grandpa thinking?" Does this mean he is self aware enough to understand that other people besides himself have thoughts? It was super cute and makes me so excited of all of our conversations to come. He turns 3 at the end of this month and so far, this kid has just gotten better with age. (He also knows all the words to "Thunder" and it makes me want to cry and tonight when he was giving Wolf hugs and kisses before bed he asked him, "Are you happy? I'm happy too!"

2. We went to the Huntington Beach Parade yesterday (biggest Fourth of July Parade west of the Mississippi as we always say). The boys loved it but their favorite part was the road sweepers that came through to clean up after the parade had finished. I think this is one of my favorite holidays because I love to see everyone outside together. Riding bikes, paddle boarding, meeting people. It really gives me a sense of community. I wish it were like this all year round.

3. We are traveling to Utah at the end of the week and I am excited to see lots of family!

4. I get to see Wayne in 18 days!!!!

5. I love to seeing the differences in my two boys, while River is more cautious and cerebral, Wolfie just goes for it. The boys were playing in my mom's splash pool yesterday and Wolfie jumped in and out of the water, fell down about 20 times but just bounced back up over and over. River tested the slipperiness of the area, deemed it too dangerous and decided he felt more comfortable playing on the outside of the pool.

6. You can find me here this summer. I am especially excited for "Jaws" and "Top Gun!" Who's coming with??

7. I've enjoyed my short hair but can it just grow already??

8. I think I want to start vlogging again because I love going back to watch clips of the boys, let's see if I whip out the camera for this upcoming trip.

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