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OK, OK so we may live 2 minutes from the beach in California but I loved the idea of going on this vacation to the much warmer Atlantic waters, to be able to put my feet up, drink a refreshing drink with sugar on the rim and not having to worry about my two adorable monsters crawling through some kid's sand castle (I love you, boys). Unfortunately, the water wasn't turquoise blue like it normally is because of a river runoff due to all the rain but it was still a great temperature and the St. Regis Resort did not disappoint.

Wayne and I generally spend an inordinate amount of time together in everyday life but it was great to get out of the routine, separate us being "mom" and "dad" and talk about things that are not normally in our sight line. Work is about to get insane for him and we wanted some alone time before that ball gets rolling.

Side note: "Thunder" comes out tomorrow and I can barely contain my excitement!!!

^^Not so gracefully landing a jump

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