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On our third day in Dubai, the guys had a big shoot. Can't say much about that or show most of the photos I took of the day but I can show you my outfit. Lucky you ;)

I believe we were in the Dubai Design District (I am not certain). In the area, there were super cool boutiques and cafes. I picked up a burgundy mens hat for myself, which was soon dubbed my "Lady Gaga Hat." I see it now. And Wayne found some great stage clothes for future tours. We also ate lunch at a delicious and healthy cafe (photographed below).

For the day, I paired an off the shoulder linen shirt with my favorite high-waisted, non-stretch denim, which I soon regretted when the day hit it's peak temperature. What do ya do?

What I'm Wearing

Linen Shirt: Irene's Story (similar versions on their site)

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (different wash)

Shoes: Madewell

Hat: DON

Earrings: Large Gold Hoops

Rose Thorn Necklace: Catbird NYC

Henna Tattoo: Curtesy of Dubai

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