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The band was offered a gig mid-tour that was either private or a festival of some sort up in Lake Tahoe. To be honest, I'm not really sure what it was exactly but everyone jumped at the opportunity to spend a couple days out by the lake. One of the band member's family has a house up there and so we had been able to visit a couple times before and we completely fell in love with this place. I have only been there in the summer (I am no ski bunny) but man do I love being out on that water. This was after I had discovered that I was pregnant and so I was trying to keep that under-wraps. I was probably 3 months along at this point but I really wanted to go out on the jet ski so Wayne was really sweet and took me on a ride and made sure he drove slow and smooth. Here are some iPhone snaps from the trip.

**Whatever show this was offered this plane for transportation. We are normally not this fly (pun intended).

^^Hiding the bump

^^Rain clouds rolled in and the sky was perfect

^^River is the best sleeper (post sleep training) but because he just puts himself to sleep in his crib, it is nearly impossible to get him to sleep in a carseat, stroller or anywhere public. We were pretty desperate on the plane to get this boy down, so Wayne put a blanket over both their heads so it was pitch black and then he sang to him while I blasted a white noise machine. Not ideal. The things you do for love...

or I guess, the things you do for a happy baby.

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