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To My Wolfgang,

By the time you read this, you won't remember what life is like right now so I thought I would tell you.

The morning is our time. Everyday you and I wake up before everyone else. The house is quiet and peaceful. I give you a bottle while you play with your toes and my pinky finger. You spit out the bottle every once and a while because it is hard for you to go that long without smiling. After you finish eating, I try and distract you with something to hold so you will stay nestled in my arms for just a few minutes longer. You soon realize there is a whole world to explore and flip onto your belly so you scoot away as fast as possible.

The morning is the time you get to play with all your brother's trucks and trains. Once River is up, you don't have that luxury. You never whine or fret, even when he pries them out of your chubby little hands. Your favorite words River says are probably "Here Wolfie" because then you know he is giving you something to play with.

I believe you are the fastest crawler west of the Mississippi. You love to be chased especially when you are climbing up the stairs. You have an innate ability to get into all sorts of mischief. If there is a cupboard that looks about your size, you will find a way inside. If there is an unattended cup of coffee, you will knock it over. If there is something that looks like it can be scaled, you will do your darnedest to scale it.

You smile all day long. My favorite face you make is when you go from what I thought was your biggest grin and then you squint your eyes until they are almost closed just to make room for a little more of cheese. Your laugh is infectious, especially when it is your deep belly laugh.

Even though you are so young, I can already see so much of myself in you. I hope you only get the good traits.

You love to be rough-housed by your dad. It is when you are at your happiest. I can tell you think he is the funniest thing in the world and so do I. You only say "Dada" and some other gibberish even though I say the word "Mama" to you a thousand times a day but you will only respond back with "Dada." I think you do that just to tease me and I can respect that.

You reach for friends and strangers alike to hold you. It's almost as if you do it because you know you are making someone's day. Or maybe you just see the good in everyone.

Part of me mourns the end of your infant-hood because you were the best damn baby but I am so excited to see where your sweetness and curiosity take you.

The world is your oyster, kid. Happy first Birthday.

I love you,

Your Mama

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