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I am toying around with the idea of posting some fashion stuff. Not sure if anyone cares to see that...hell, I am not sure if I care enough to actually share but I do love getting dressed everyday, even if it is just into my favorite sweat pants so I thought I would post about it from time to time.

I worked at a media company out of college in Santa Monica and was able to contribute to the Tyra Banks website (is that still a thing?) and it was my job to categorize all of the current fashion and beauty trends into a format for the writers to pull from. After I left the job to travel with my husband and pursue dancing in a ballet company, I continued to freelance for the website until my schedule became to hectic.

I must give fair warning: my outfit posts will probably just be photos of me when I am already out and about doing something (most likely with my sister, Danica because she lives for this stuff) So if the kids are willing (or absent), I am feeling fairly put together and the stars align I will snap some photos. AKA it won't be as polished as most 'fashion blogging.' I can't imagine getting "glammed up" so expect wrinkled shirts, rubberbands on wrist (eh hem, photos below), baby food stains, frizzy hair and all.

For this particular day, my sister and I grabbed lunch before she left to visit our baby sister up in Utah. We goofed around outside after. One of my favorite color combinations right now is olive and black. And then I'm just obsessed with wearing this mustard Chloe bag with pretty much anything.

Olive Shirt: Zara (cropped version)

Vegan leather pants: Free People

Shoes: Prada Oxfords

Bag: Chloe

Sunglasses: Vintage

Blazer (in one photo): Kooples

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