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My Wolfgang,

Today, while taking your photo to mark this day, your second birthday, I realized how difficult it is to get a photo of you not smiling. You either have to be eating, watching a movie intently or concentrating on a book for me to capture a moment of you without your head thrown back, nose scrunched, chin to the sky and smile stretched ear to ear. I think this experience today, sums you up pretty nicely.

You are fiercely independent but boy, do you love to be held. All the live long day. You have made me a master of multi-tasking. Sometimes you use the term "mama" not only as my name but also as a demand to me, your dad, grandma to pick you up and stick you on our hips.

You and River are pretty obsessed with each other at the moment. Always side by side, trading toys, chasing one another and giggling about what you two only know. The few times you aren't together, we can find you calling out his name, "RI-ver?" Your voice higher on the second syllable and always ending in a question.

You say "hi" to everyone and everything. The mailman, the moon, pigeons, a painting ect.

I swear you skin is still as soft as a newborn, you have the lightest blue eyes and you have fine, feathery hair as white as the sun.

You are the pickiest eater known to man and it drives me nutty. Not sure how you have so much energy living on oatmeal, waffles, peanut butter, bananas, berries and food packs but damn, you could run circles around the energizer bunny.

For some reason when I ask you "what does a cat say?" or "what does a pig say?" or what does any other animal say? You always respond "Neigh!" even though I can clearly see that you know the correct answer when you read the books yourself. Can't quite figure that one out.

Speaking of books, I believe a perfect life to you is sitting on someone's lap and being read to all day, preferably the same book over and over again.

You love trains and trucks and love to cuddle and watch movies. You long to be outside, at the beach, the wind tickling your face, dirt, sand or water tricking through your pudgy little fingers. You love to dance and everyone who gets to watch you is a happier person because of it. Your move is a combination of sprinting in place, bobbing your head side to side and one (surprisingly graceful) arm in the air.

You are an alarmingly fast runner which is why I am terrified of taking you and your brother around crowds if I am alone.

Every once and a while, you get so thrilled that you clench your teeth and your tiny little body trembles in excitement.

I can't wait until we can communicate more because it is already so clear that you are so different from your brother and I want to know every little thought in that strong-willed brain of yours.

Sometimes my heart just aches from loving you so much. Sometimes I miss you only moments after I put you to bed.

I am so lucky I get to explore the world with you. I can tell that you are going keep me on my toes.


Your Mama

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