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I'm sorry this has taken so long! Like I've said, River closed one of his cars in my laptop after one of our bus movie nights watching Frozen and so my computer has been out of commission until late last week. It was really frustrating that I got behind but I am determined to have these all completed even if they are lightyears late. All that said, here is week 5!

We went to my new FAVORITE restaurant out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere outside of Montreal, we enjoyed several days in Boston over Halloween and we went to Niagara Falls in Buffalo. Maybe my favorite part of this this week was a Trick-or-Treat we had at all the different crew stations at the venue. It was heart-warming that everyone put such an effort into decorating and putting on such a fun night for three little kids (and two adorable babies). I have said it before and I will say it a million more times but Imagine Dragons' really has THE best crew out there.

**Also, there is a typo in the video. OOPS!

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