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To my Little River,

Right now, life with you is exciting, rewarding, surprising and tiring, if I am being completely honest. You love hard and you whine hard. You are a mama's boy, a stubborn little cookie and are getting smart enough to shape a situation to your favor. You are starting to branch off from copying sentences you have heard and come up with your own ideas. You are handsome as all hell. You flash your blue eyes at strangers and they are soon eating out of your palm.

You never really hit what people call "the terrible twos." You have tried to throw a fit but you have not quite reached the point of no return, I don't really buy your fake tears and neither do you. Sure, we have our moments and I know we will continue to in the future but it's more of a exaggerated whine than a full blown tantrum (check in with me in the upcoming months though).

You love trucks and cars and trains and planes. Your current favorite activity is to sit in a pile of dirt or sand and meticulously scoop up the little grains in you small front-end loader and then dump the contents into your dump truck. It is so peaceful to watch. It seems like your form of meditation. You love books. You could sit on a lap and have books read to you all day while you snacked on crackers. You are cautious and not too keen on trying new things. You like what you like and you don't like to stray from that. And while I respect that, I think it's my job to continue to shake things up for you.

When we talk, I see you really taking what I am saying in and noodle it around for a while before you respond. It is very adult of you.

At bedtime, you sing me your lullaby "Moon River" and I sing you "Twinkle Twinkle." You give me a gazillion kisses and try to trick me to stay in your room just a little longer. You have a good heart. You love your grandparents and your little brother, even though he drives you crazy when he plays with your toys. Your favorite expression is "I love you so much!" and you use it liberally. You are starting to try out your own jokes and I think that is my favorite thing of all, seeing you try and make other people laugh.

You are three today and the thought overwhelms me. You are growing up so fast and I hope that I am teaching you all the right things to help you succeed. You are such an awesome and unique human. I truly see you as one of my best friends. We test each other but we care about each other. I am so lucky I get to see you grow and help you find your way in this crazy world. I see traits of my own in you and I hope to guide you around mis-steps that I have made. Slow down my sweet baby because the day you stop saying, "cuddle me Mama" may be the worst day of my life.

I love you, my huckleberry friend.

Your Mama

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