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I'm kicking off my throwback of the European/U.K. Smoke + Mirrors Tour with some photos from our day in Oslo, Norway. It rained pretty hard that day but the women of my bus: Aja, Marilyn, Emily and the two babes were able to walk through a beautiful part of town that I had never seen before (even though this was at least my third trip to Oslo). We made it to the Royal Palace and boy was it a beaut! We stayed for a while, exploring the grounds. River got pretty tired and cranky at the end and so my sweet nanny for the tour, Emily, ran him back to the bus to nap. I was pretty damn pregnant at this point (though you can't really tell in these photos) and wasn't feeling too hot myself so I sat down for a bite before attempting the long rain walk back.

**I warned about this in my last tour post: please excuse my hair in these photos, pregnancy did some crazy things to my mane (that I still have going on to this day) but what do you do? It is straight in the front and curly in the back and big ALL OVER. I didn't have the tools or the patience to do anything to my hair on this tour so you are going to see a whole lot of this. It's quite comical.

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