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Back with another throwback tour post. I wish I had photos and stories from each city we traveled to but as I go through all of these old pictures I'm noticing that I mostly just documented days off, which makes perfect sense because our days in the venues are surprisingly un-glamourous.

We were lucky enough to be in a city close to Niagara falls (the U.S. side) and a bunch of us who hadn't seen it before went up to take a look. Wayne was able to watch River around his work obligations which worked out great because 11-month-old Riv would have been terrified of the whole experience.

I love my tour family and the group of us that went had so much fun. We all couldn't believe how beautiful and giant the falls were. I had never seen anything like it. It made me feel so insignificant and for some reason, that was comforting. It reminded me that there is so much more of this world I want to explore that I haven't seen. I hope to go back as a family when the kids are older because it was such a powerful experience.

**BTW I wore a hat which I thought was a great idea because the rim would protect my eyes from all the water, which it did, but the hat itself shrunk and became deformed. It was pretty hilarious.

Photos by Turner Pope

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