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1. The boys have adapted well to being on the road although sometimes I sense that they miss something. Not sure if that is structure, home, family or maybe peace and quiet but for the most part they are having a blast with the cast and characters on this tour.

2. Just had a great day off in Chicago yesterday that included: shopping, deep dish pizza, delicious lattes, long walks in perfect autumn weather and a date night.

3. Ran out of space on my hard drive and am currently trying to transfer my vlogs to the new hard drive so that I can finish editing week 2! Exciting stuff, I know.

4. We got to take Wolfie to the show for the first time in Minneapolis and it was the cutest.

5. Trying to eat plant-based but pretty much fail everyday :/

6. Getting to see a lot of friends and family that live all over North America and it is pretty great.

7. My sister Danica and I have dance moves to several of the songs in the concert and we are creating more and more every night.

8. I am getting pretty buff lugging around suitcases, giant bags of laundry and two babies.

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