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Hey, long time no talk! We have been traveling a ton the last few months and I haven't really found the time to dedicate to this blog but silver lining: even though we are now traveling more than ever (aka the whole lot of us living on a tour bus) I am going to vlog it! With the kids being so incredibly active (to put it politely), It is hard for me to lug around my giant DSLR so I thought, why not just take video? Plus this way, it may paint a fuller picture of what life is like out here.

I am going to do my best to keep up on the editing but I seriously forgot how non-stop these tours are. You could say, I will be taking full advantage of naptime. I believe we are out here for 7 weeks, so if all goes well this is video one of seven.

I miss writing on here so I will hopefully be popping up more than just the videos including our amazing trip to Thailand.

Warning: I am a total novice when it comes to this vlogging thing.

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