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1. Wayne, the boys and I spent last week in Utah and it was the bomb (I don't think people say that anymore). I only have iPhone photos but I think I'll do a little post to document it.

2. I have been listening to this book, "How Not to Die" and it has been extremely informative...and a little terrifying. Wayne and I have been slowly creating healthier eating habits and I think the only way I will get them to stick is by is to really educating myself on what the food I'm eating does to my body. Only a quarter of the way through right now but from what I've heard, I suggest it to those interested in the subject of healthy eating.

3. River Update: I saw him play pretend with Wolfie today and hand him an imaginary ice cream cone and it just about melted my heart. This kid is soft and sweet and I hope this world doesn't toughen him up too much.

4. Wolf Update: this kid is a freaking rascal. He has me on my toes all day long and has moments of being a real thorn in my side but he is fearless and happy and always up for an adventure.

5. To watch Bachelor in Paradise or to not watch Bachelor in Paradise? That is the question. They are recorded on my TV but I may have too much self respect to pull the trigger.

6. How do people live full lives, spend time with the people they love, chase after their kids, have their own hobbies, work, exercise, skincare, cook AND keep their house tidy?? I have clean laundry waiting to be put away, a bathroom counter covered in products and toys littered throughout the entirety of the house. I feel like if I were to get everything in it's place, I would have no time for anything else. Maybe that's just having babies or maybe I'm just messy by nature. I would really love to always have a decluttered space and maybe one day I'll figure it out. Stay posted.

7. Restarted Arrested Development and it is just as funny as ever. That show is layered, man. (Full Disclosure: could not get through Season 4).

8. I may have cracked my tailbone yesterday or at least bruised it really bad. I can barely walk, bend over, pick up my kids, walk up stairs, sleep and , sitting is out of the question. I am a super active person so I am trying not to let it get to me, plus I have a flight this Friday for the TRF Gala and then a SUPPPPERRRR long flight in a couple weeks so I am hoping I am healed by then. How long do these things take to heal?! Oh well. There are bigger problems in this world than my pathetic coccyx.

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