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1. WAYNE IS HOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a long 5 1/2 weeks but he is here. Well, for now...but then he''s gone this weekend but then BACK HOME!!!!!!

2. River has some how talked me into letting him sleep with 13 Stuffed Animals (Mia (bunny), Lola (doggie), Fake Lola (same stuffed animal as original Lola but not the OG), Henry (elephant), George (bear), Perry (penguin) onto nameless friends: Stegosaurus, a teething rabbit, another bear, a monkey and three Wolves that belong to his brother. This is how he does it: he throws more stuffed animals into his crib in-between naps and bed time and I don't notice until we are already in there singing lullabies and then I don't want to be the heartless mom who takes them out right before he goes to bed.

3. My current "mantra" (I am not sure I am comfortable calling it that), is to be more present. I may have said this somewhere here before but I struggle with trying to do too many things at once and then I feel like I can't dedicate my true self to any task or person. I am trying to really enjoy each activity, especially with the kids, instead of hurrying through it and onto the next task.

4. Both boys had fevers last week and they FREAKED ME OUT. They both acted like different people for the 24-duration of the fever. Luckily they didn't have it on the same day but it was tough, especially with Wayne gone. Wolfie seems totally back to normal and River is slowly getting there. Either he is still a little sick or we are dealing with some boundary testing that comes along with a two-year-old...actually a 3-YEAR-OLD AS OF TOMORROW!!!

5. I love Garance Doré and I love this.

6. What does it day about me that I look forward to RHONY more than Game of Thrones? Please don't hate me.

7. I have had ingredients to make Matcha lattes on my counter for two weeks now and have not attempted. Tomorrow. I swear. Please send recipes.

8. Did I mention Wayne is home and it's freaking awesome?!

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