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If I had to choose one word to describe my writing habits, it would be temperamental.

Sometimes I find writing a post on a single topic daunting, especially when I don't have the time I want to devote to a subject in one sitting so I wanted to think of a format that I could add to a little at a time and also keep a documentation of each week (ideally but don't hold me to that).

So I have decided to do a weekly list of 8 things. I say "things" because I'm not sure what they will be so I can't really be more descriptive than that. Whether those are things that are brining me happiness, something in the news I am interested in, funny things my kids have done, maybe something I'm grateful for or just things that drive me crazy...I'm not really sure yet but I thought it would be fun to try so here we go:

1. Currently, River has two favorite phrases that I find hilarious. The first is "I never..." so I'll say, let's go grab some lunch and he'll repeat back, "I never eat lunch" or "I never go to sleep" five seconds before he falls asleep. I know it sounds bratty but he says it so cute and sweet and matter-of-fact that I am just obsessed with it. The other thing he does all day is ask his brother, "Are you ok, buddy?" when Wolf falls or whines and then encourages him, "You're ok, Wolf" while patting him on the back.

2. Only one more month until Wayne comes home!! Which is still al LONG-ass time but this is the longest stretch of time that we have to be apart this year and I am just excited to get it over with. He is working and performing festivals in Europe and I hate that I can't be there with him and I know he misses being home but we are making it far so good.

3. Wolfie started sleeping with a little fox stuffed animal and they are the cutest together. Now instead of waking up to him yelling out for me, I wake up to him talking to his little buddy.

4. My current favorite food and beverage: Salad and Kombucha. Specifically the "Hollywood Bowl" from GreenLeaf Chopshop, it has all of my favorite ingredients and Kombucha on tap is LIFE.

5. After the boys go to bed at night, I have replaced the time I would normally spend with my husband with a skincare regiment. It may be lame but it feels good to take care of my skin at the end of the night. Maybe I will do a blogpost or vlog about in the future.

6. It is my goal to go on weekly hikes in the area, get to know where I live better and spend more time outside. I love to be out and about with the boys but chasing around two toddlers out in the open is more stressful than relaxing so I want to also spend some time when I have a sitter, outside just to regroup and decompress. **Message me if you know of any good hikes in Orange County

7. I recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of probably 40% of my wardrobe if not more and it feels so good! I want to go through the rest of my house and do the same thing. I am a sentimental hoarder and messy by nature but I LOVE a minimalist aesthetic so I'd like to get my house to match that. Wish me luck. #babyclutter

8. EVOLVE, my husband's band, Imagine Dragon's new album came out this week and we are listening to it non-stop! This is quite possibly my favorite album to date and I can't wait to hear it all live. River and Wolf begging to listen to it all day and then dancing (Wolfie) and trying to sing (River) brings me so much joy. River also told me that he wants to play drums, Wolf to play bass and daddy to play guitar...and as for me...he said nothing.

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