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I wanted to boycott doing a gushy Father's Day Instagram post because sometimes those almost-mandatory holiday posts feel inorganic and disingenuous. I don't like posting things because I am supposed to. I don't want to write that someone is "the greatest xyz in the world" or "the perfect blah blah blah" because while I may think they are pretty great, I haven't met everyone in the world so I really can't be the of judge that and I have never met a "perfect" anyone. Sometimes all the social media praise and hyperbole makes my head spin. Now you can call bull shit on me because I have written many-a-gushy posts before and I am sure I will do it again (and probably on Father's Day for the matter) and I don't judge others for doing so but I want to make a habit of only "holiday posting" because I am feeling inspired to and not because I feel obligated to. All that said, here is a whole damn blog about fathers. How's that for hypocrisy.

So here is my alternative ode to my husband who is currently away for work.

The father of my children is human. I feel like he should be celebrated, not worshiped. Like all fathers, he wonders if he is doing things right, he makes mistakes, gets frustrated and he sometimes needs a break. He has weaknesses but they are out-shined by his strengths. He turns our children's tears into smiles, is willing to perform a ridiculous dance to get a baby giggle, will read 20 books in a row even when he just got off a 12-hour flight, and will make even the most defeated toddler feel understood. I never appreciate him more than when he is away. Why is that? We talk on the phone and he dreams up all the adventures he wants our kids to experience. He studies their traits and makes guesses as to what sort of people they will become. He begs time to hold still. When I feel like I am failing as a parent, he tells me just to love them and everything will fall into place. He has a calming presence and an acute sense of humor that brings balance to our home. He is all of our very favorite.

I wish I could write more and write about my dad but alas it is late and Wolfie has decided that 6 AM is a great time to rise so I have got to hit the hay. Maybe this whole thing ended up cheesier than I intended it ;) But happy Father's Day to all the perfectly imperfect Fathers out there. There is nothing better.

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