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Grabbed lunch with my bae today at my FAVORITE sandwich place, Sessions. It is seriously so good. Get the "Yogi" and the house chips and thank me later. I am trying to get back into my exercise/healthy eating routine after all of these trips. I took a hot yoga class yesterday and did a weight training session today and hopefully I can work on the "healthy eating" as the week progresses but at least my sandwich had a lot of veggies. Maybe it made up for my pop tarts for breakfast and my mac and cheese for dinner. COOL IT EVERYONE! Both were organic. Don't worry, our kids ate actual meals.

I just made it work with our babysitter and my sweet sister Danica so that I am able to go to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday and I'm so excited! Especially because it's the last time I'll get to see Wayne for a few weeks. But now I just have to figure out what to wear...I am going to try and find something in my closet and I have no idea how formal to go. The last time I went I was pregnant and bought a $20 jersey dress in H&M the day of the show which was obviously on the casual side but it worked out well enough. We'll see what I can scrounge up this time.

What I'm Wearing (basically my daily uniform)

Pants: Levis - Re/Done

Shoes: Adidas (obviously need to be replaced)

Glasses: FreePeople

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (not sure of the brand)

Earrings: & Other Stories

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