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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! We just got back from Utah where my little sister, Cassidy got married to her love and boy, was it beautiful! I don't have much documentation of the weekend because of how chaotic it was and also these two bundles of chaos that we are holding in the photos below. I started a vlog, which I might put together just for us but it just got too crazy to keep it going. Plus, I barely had my phone on me (to everyone who was trying to get a hold of me's dismay) so I don't even have iPhone photos. But here are a couple thoughts that I jotted down this morning before everyone else woke up on this Mother's Day morning:

I love being these boys' mama. Every day I worry that I am not doing things right, not teaching them enough, that I'm not the best example but I realize that all of that concern comes with the territory. All I can hope to do is help the boys find their path to being their best selves because who they are by nature is pretty incredible. Our sweet River loves everyone and goes out of his way to hug and talk to people (even strangers, yikes!) and make them feel accepted. Our wild Wolf is a ball of energy and a light, he has a zest for life and a ceaseless appetite to explore the unknown. They both exhaust me and stretch me and break me down only to be put back together stronger. I still have a lot to learn about this motherhood thing but luckily I have great examples from my beautiful mother, my grandmothers, mother-in-law, sister-in-laws and friends.

I had no idea how much motherhood would change my life but it makes me happy that through all of it, it hasn't changed who I really am as a person and (for now at least) my kids love me for exactly who I am. No matter if I am at my best or my worst, I feel supported by my incredible husband (aka the boy's favorite person aka dad of the year aka my rock aka the person that keeps me sane), my mom, my family and the village I have surrounded myself with.

Please enjoy these pathetic attempts at a family photo (we were about three hours late for naps at this point after a full morning of wedding).

Photos taken by my beautiful friend Brittany Tolman.

^^My face....but the boys look cute so whatevs

Our flight home:

Boy, do I love them.

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