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Finally back with another throwback post to the Smoke + Mirrors European Tour! This one is from one of my favorite cities, LEON, FRANCE.

It can be difficult to tour in the fall in Europe because sometimes you go weeks without a sunny day but we were blessed with perfect weather on our couple days in the beautiful city of Leon. We were able to walk all over town, eat delicious food, visit an outdoor farmer's market (not sure what they are called over there) and just reset. I love these photos I took of my boys in the hotel room. It floods back so many memories.

^^This is one of the most challenging ages for me (Wolf is this same age right now). River always had to be doing something but he couldn't do much of anything on his own without destroying whatever he was playing hem, this phone. But damn , was he cute.

^^Yellow is one of my favorite colors and I loved the sun shined through the curtains; one of my favorite hotel rooms for sure

^^This is our favorite game in our house or on the road

^^River wouldn't take a nap and this is the face I saw when I opened the door.

^^A wooden toy I found in a local toy store, unfortunately it had a million pieces that we lost one by one during our travels

^^The back of the concert venue

^^The view from a suspended bridge we found

^^They pack so many people into the venues overseas. It's against the law to do that in America so it is always crazy to see these European crowds

^^The last five photos are iPhone shots from our days exploring the city and the outdoor market. This was the last day I could wear River in the Ergo wrap (in the photo where we are walking in the market). If you know how those things work, there is a strap that goes across your hips but since I was pregnant, I was wearing it up above my belly. I loved carrying River around in that thing so I made it work for as long as I could, so it was a super sad day when I had to stop but I was 7 months along and I was worried he was going to start smooshing his brother.

*Maybe my favorite thing that happened in Leon was that a big group of us tried to get into a really nice restaurant one night. I will spare the embarrassing, albeit hilarious details but lets just say we didn't get in.

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