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Our little River turned one on one of the last days of tour. Unfortunately, his birthday fell on a day that we were stuck driving in the bus until late afternoon but we made it work. Once we got to Denver, River and I dropped our luggage off and went for a walk downtown. It was beautiful weather and the city was full of very colorful people. We grabbed a smoothie to split and took in the last hours of sunshine. Obviously River didn't know that it was his birthday and there was no big fuss, but we had a great day nonetheless

Since the following day was the last show of tour, there was a celebratory bowling party late that night. We had a blast hanging with everyone outside of the usual setting where everyone is in "work mode."

Wayne had some family come for the last day and final show which made it extra special.

Below are photos from the dressing room before the show:

^^Wayne's dad, Jeff and brother, Michael

And here are snaps I took side of stage mid-show when these three fellas get a second to breath:

This concludes my recap of the North American Tour but stay tuned for the Smoke + Mirrors U.K. and European run where I am superrrrr pregnant and fun fact: I am having the worst hair month and a half of my life ;) When you're hair is already crazy thick, "pregnancy hair" is not necessarily a good thing. You heard it here first.

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