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We had so much fun last week with my baby sister Cassidy in town! The boys loved all of the family time and I loved all the sister time. Here are some photos from our day getting lunch/letting the kids run/crawl wild at Pacific City. I threw on a "boyfriend" white button-up and another trusty pair of mom jeans. These jeans are actually my post-baby transition pants so they are a size too big but I love them so I wore them anyway.

Button ups are the best way for me to feel put together while still being comfortable. At this stage of my life, I go for inexpensive brands because stains are inevitable but who says you can't feel good in an Old Navy blouse. My shoes are from Zara and are so comfortable plus I am pretty sure they are made out of wetsuit material which I think is cool. My husband lovingly says they're tacky but I think they are just the right amount of cooky. River and Wolf were wearing matching overalls this day but the Wolf pup was downstairs eating clam chowder so I didn't get him in the photos. Darn! That would have been cute!

And Yes, that is a kiss on Riv's cheek. I forgot I was wearing lipstick!

On Me:

Boyfriend Shirt: Old Navy ($22!)

Mom Jeans: TopShop

Shoes: Zara

Choker: Not sure the brand but I got it at Bloomingdales

On Moon River:

Overalls: Zara Kids

Shirt: Zara Kids

Cassidy's Jacket: Zara (I have one too;)

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