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River with his best pal, Marilyn

I see you all judging me back there ;)

Even while wearing sunscreen my skin did not know what to do with all this sun!

Here we go with another North American Tour post.

A day off in Florida meant chilling at the beach in the back of our hotel. It wasn't glamorous. The "beach" itself was actually a very small entrance to a bay and of course it rained pretty hard most of the day (like it always seems to do when we are in Florida) but we got a few hours to relax on the sand and it was just what the doctor ordered. After we splashed around, River took a nap (**thank you for watching him Marilyn) and we were able to go out on the hotel's jet skis. We rode next to a group of dolphins, which was pretty magical. They are my favorite animal so I was on cloud nine.

For dinner most the team went to a Cuban restaurant. It was a great atmosphere and delicious food. We are all together everyday so a lot of times on days off we all do our own thing, but it is my favorite when we all go out together. It poured on us that night and I stepped in an ankle-deep puddle getting into the uber but that just makes nights like that more memorable.

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