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Above are photos at the 30 Rock Plaza. As you can probably tell from my hair and my hobo attire, we had just rolled off the bus and wanted to get some fresh air before getting settled into the hotel. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in New York for 5 days (if I remember right?) because the guys had another show close by and they were able to commute for the day.

New York is my favorite city so I am in heaven anytime we get to go there. There was one day specifically that a bunch of us went down to Greenwich Village, grabbed slices of Artichoke Pizza (a must), played around Washington Square Park and then just walked and explored for hours. It will stay in my mind as one of those perfect days. On our walk back to the subway we grabbed ice cream that was cereal flavored and it was the bomb (because Turner is the bomb at finding desert places).

We spent a rainy day in Brooklyn, a day with one of my best friends, Rae who lives downtown, a day in SOHO and also spent an afternoon at Mary's friend, Mariola's apartment which for some reason was so comforting to me. Not only is she awesome and hospitable, but her apartment was warm and cozy on a stormy day. It felt so good to be in someone's home instead of an impersonal hotel room. I remember my soul needing that very much.

And here is a major iPhone dump from the trip. I didn't want to drag my stroller up and down the subway steps so I wore River in the wrap everywhere and didn't want to carry my heavy camera:

Washington Square Park

Arrow inspired a giant group of people to dance with her

Just off the subway stop

RIver's face is my favorite

Rae, best friends since high school.

I want to live in this building with the prettiest courtyard

Can we move here yet??

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