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I had grand intentions of documenting the Smoke + Mirrors North American Tour while I was, you know, actually on tour. But all those grand intentions added up to a sad pile of no results. Not sure what stunted me exactly but it was most likely a combination of having my hands full with a wild baby and finding out a couple weeks out that I was pregnant. For some reason, both times I have been pregnant I became really guarded. I think I announced that I was pregnant with Wolfie when I was like 8 months along and that was only after other people outed me, come to think of it, the same thing forced me to announce my pregnancy with River. I try and paint an authentic picture of whatever story I am telling and I felt like I really couldn't do that if I was hiding this huge, life-changing thing that was on my mind all the time.

Even though I didn't blog about it back then, I did take photos so I thought I could do a series on this tour and then on the European Tour. I want to post these now because I want a record of this experience. There were definite ups and downs but I really enjoyed this tour. I love the Smoke + Mirrors album and cherish all those concerts with River. He was in such a good stage for this tour (10-12 Months). You could see him soak everything up and when we wanted to get out, I just strapped him in a baby wrap and we were off.

I am always in an internal struggle as to what to show publicly and what to keep private but it is in my nature to share. For good or bad, I'm a terrible liar, my emotions are written all over my face at all times, I'm an over-sharer and if you'd believe it a little shy. As my family would call it, I'm an extroverted introvert. However, I want to be really cautious on how I share these stories because there are a lot of memories that are not only mine to tell and I want to be respectful of friends who may want to live their life more privately. AKA, I am way more likely to share an embarrassing anecdote about myself than about others. With that said, I hope you enjoy this series. It has been a lot of fun to work on!

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